Soviet Bloc Party: Circus and Fire Arts


Where are you located? Do you travel?

Soviet Bloc Party is a circus based out of Northwestern Connecticut, we have performed from New York to Boston to Virginia Beach.


How do I know that what you do is safe?

We are both fully insured professional performers, furthermore Nick is currently the safety manager at Wildfire Retreat and both Nick and Stacey have numerous years of safety experience.


What are your rates?

Our rates for performance vary depending on a number of factors, but we’re willing to work with you to figure out the optimal solution for your needs. Please email us at ‘‘.


Are you communists?

No. We are however, descended from countries that comprised the former Soviet Bloc and feel a strong tie to our gypsy heritage.


Is Soviet Bloc Party just two people?

Technically, yes, Soviet Bloc Party is just the two of us, however we often perform with other talented artists.


Is that dog in your circus?

No. That is our dog Tesla. He cannot sit on cue, much less do a backflip. He does, however, enjoy looking at the camera. He is also pretty good looking.

What specifications do you require for performing?

For circus acts including juggling, we require ceilings of at least 11 feet and a performing space of at least 10 ft. in diameter.

For acts including aerials we require a point from which to rig from (an I beam, secure grid, truss, or equivalent), with a load bearing capability of at least 1200 lbs, a ceiling height of at least 15 feet, and a performance space of at lest 10 ft. in diameter.

For fire acts, we require a well ventilated space (preferably outdoors).


What is the ‘tone’ of your circus?

We are serious about performing, but do not take ourselves seriously. Usually ever. Our shows are a blend of gypsy grit and gorgeous glitz; of comedy and serious artistry; of ‘can’t look, but can’t look away’ sideshow, and simply can’t look away aerials.

22 June

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